Javascript 銀幕注音鍵盤

目前可支援 Firefox 3.6.3 及 IE 6.0 (also good for Chrome, Safari, and NE)。 用銀幕上虛擬鍵盤輸入注音符號(Tone in Pink)及中文標點(Blue),實體鍵盤輸入英文及其他字元。


  1. 網上雖有各種中文輸入的工具,但臺灣所普及的注音法卻極有限,有的需外掛安裝(如Flash),有的只能在特定瀏覽器中用,故動手改寫成此一輸入健盤。 (No installation needed, written in pure html and javascirpt.)
  2. The top text area is main textpad to compose Chinese charcters and the second long strip text area is a working buffer. Use physical keyboard to key in the standard keys (ASCII). Currently this IME has been tested out for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (iPad), and NE to allow the Chinese character to be inserted at cursor position. The text displayed on the main text area is ready to be copied to other palces (textpad, search engine, form, etc.) by Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
  3. To convert between BPMF and Pinyin, go to: Phonetic conversion tool